Al Murabaa Net – 5 things to check in your car periodically

Al Murabaa Net – A quick car inspection is one of the important things that the driver must do before starting the car, in order not to encounter problems and malfunctions while driving.

A quick car inspection consists of 5 simple steps that any car driver can do by himself before moving, as follows:

Checking the engine oil to identify the oil level to ensure that it does not decrease, as engine oil is one of the most important factors that preserve the engine from damage.

Checking the fluid level in the car, including engine coolant, and front and rear windshield washer fluids, which are fluids that can be manually and easily checked, in their designated places that can be inferred from the car’s manual.

Checking the brake fluid level to ensure that it does not decrease, as it is one of the most important safety and security factors for the car and passengers.

– Ensure the safety of the battery, by detecting the battery water level and not decreasing if the battery is liquid, but if it is dry, it is sufficient to ensure that it is able to generate the electricity that the car needs.

Check and measure tire pressure and ensure their safety, so that they are not exposed to the risk of explosion or loss of air inside them while driving.

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