Aviar R67, a Russian electric with all the aroma of the classic Mustang | Electrical

The irruption of electric propellants has meant a step further in the fashion of the ‘rest-mod’, which consists of recovering classic models and restoring them, but updating them in the mechanical section. Within the trend, it has become popular to ride zero emission powertrain in vintage cars, formula that some manufacturers have also borrowed directly to create new cars. It is the case of Aviar Motors.

This Russian company has just presented the Avian R67, a prototype whose image –with an unmistakable retro aroma– does not hide the fact that it is a newly developed car.

It is very clear that the reference model to develop its design is that of a classic Ford Mustang, specifically the first that saw the light in 1962, which featured a two-seater configuration. There are many details that have been borrowed directly from it, such as the general proportions or the front and rear light groups, but it has sought to improve the original concept adding carbon fiber on the grille (fully faired), the front bumper, the side skirts and the rear diffuser.

The cabin seeks to find a balance between the old, with a rather spartan set that eliminates everything unnecessary, and the modern, with details such as the LED ambient lighting, the digital instrument cluster wave huge vertical screen that shapes the center console.

This also gives a clear clue about the car on which the R67 is based, since there is only one model on the market that has a console of that size: the Tesla Model S. It also presents the same configuration of two motors, one associated with a shaft box, developing 840 hp to go from 0 to 100 km / h in 2.2 seconds. The system has a 100 kWh battery capacity (compatible with superchargers of Tesla) which gives you a autonomy of 507 kilometers.

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