Five things you should know about the Mitsubishi Montero Sport

1 She is the younger sister of the Pajero star

But this does not make it unable to enjoy its own stardom, with Mitsubishi not providing a new generation of Pajero, this car remains the most modern choice of the three red jewel mark.

2 Advanced exterior design

When contemplating the lines of the Montero Sport from the outside, one quickly discerns its structural belonging to a model L200However, this is not a bad thing, especially if we take into account that the aforementioned pick-up has a sporty spirit that is not bad at all. At the front level, the car has a grille grille that interferes with a huge lower hatch and precise front lighting lamps, while at the rear there are rear stoplights that radiate from above the rear bumper in a thin line that turns into a side triangle as it approaches the rear window. On the other hand, the absence of the rear bumper bumper plays a prominent role in confirming that the size of the rear of the car has been fully utilized in the interest of the spaciousness of the trunk and enhancing the ability to climb heights..

3 Youth cockpit

The Montero Sport has a dashboard that has received many upgrades and enhancements in order to appear more compatible with the civilian character of the car. In addition to the gearbox handle, which takes the form of a cobra snake, the cabin has a thick-frame steering wheel and a dashboard with clear indicators, noting that the most striking thing in the cabin are the aluminum gearbox ratios, which are installed prominently on the steering column and in a design similar to that It is available for high-performance sports cars, knowing that they are stable and do not move with the movement of the steering wheel and therefore you always know where they are located and which ones are intended for up or down transmission.

4 Good roominess inside

Coming equipped with three rows of seats, the second row in the Montero Sport provides its main passengers with ample space for each of the legs, heads and shoulders, in exchange for a slightly less comfortable seating position for the user of the additional second row who will have to sit in the middle. As for the third row of seats, it can accommodate two adults with decent levels of comfort.

The Montero Sport is based on a wheelbase of 2,800 mm, but its overall length has increased by 90 mm, at 4,785 mm, while its height is lower by 35 mm, with a total height of 1,805 mm, noting that Mitsubishi reported that the Sport’s clearance is 13 times higher. Mm, where it scores 218 mm.

5 An engine that gives it the power it needs

Mechanically, the Montero Sport has a 3.0-liter, six-cylinder engine that generates 219 horsepower against a maximum torque of 285 Newton meters, and this provides it with enough to move from one point to another, but if you want to overtake a car on the road, you should Use the full power of the engine.

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