Hyundai Staria: Traditions are broken!

When you start designing from the inside out, you will get results out of the ordinary, such as the new Starry from Hyundai … but is it not distinctive ?!

Although families are relatively oriented towards the category of “minivans” in favor of sports utility vehicles, there are “minivans” that are very distinct, both in terms of design and even personality. Renault Espace, for example, has known more than one generation that deserves respect, as well as for Names like the Kia Carnival with its newest generation, the new 2021 Toyota Sienna and many others However, it is hard to say that one of them has reached the point of the new Hyundai Staria (the name is taken from the word star and wave ria), because Staria literally smashed all previous traditions!

Simplicity and excitement!

It is difficult to link the concept of simplicity with excitement in car design, as design centers usually pump more complex lines to come out with an exciting design, but if you want a stylish design, you do not have a better approach than simplicity. But what Hyundai did on a vehicle belonging to the unattractive category in general deserves praise, as it succeeded in an innovative way in coming up with a simple, elegant, exciting and futuristic design… Bravo!

One of the secrets of this wonderful design is the adoption of the (inside – outside) philosophy, which depends on starting to draw lines from the cabin and then reaching the outside, and as a result we see a design that is somewhat reminiscent of what some minivans were like from the late eighties and early nineties, but with a spirit Outstanding futurism. So from the front, the side or the back, you will find very simple lines but very attractive at the same time; The front contains a strip of light for the LED daytime running lights above the headlights integrated into the grille, while the side glass that looks somewhat like an arrow dominates the view from the side, and the design ends at the rear with longitudinal lights on the side… Everything is simple but special!

It should be noted that the premium segment comes with headlamps, taillights, grille and wheels in different designs than other models.

The interior is no less exciting, with the uniquely designed side air conditioning vents and a dashboard that feels like it’s mounted on top of another dashboard! A 10.25-inch center display stands out, while the dashboard sits away from the steering wheel, whose central circular design mimics what is found in the latest Hyundai models.

Hyundai Staria 2022 is a deservedly small passenger bus, as it comes with a four-row cabin, not a triple one, with a maximum capacity of 11 passengers! It is assumed – without having definite information – that it is a popular alternative to the H1 in our markets, and it is possible to order higher categories that come with separate seats in the second and third row, the first of which can rotate at an angle of 180 degrees to turn the cabin into something like a living room.

Hyundai has not yet published information on the technical side, and we would not be surprised if it came with a propulsion system that uses hydrogen fuel cells or that it is electric with batteries, and there is no clear outlet for exhaust gas in the back … We will provide you with the details as soon as they are available.

Hyundai Startia 2022 photo

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