If you have a classic MINI, this company makes it electric for you

The strict emission regulations and the periodic electrification that we are witnessing in the motor world are leaving some questions that are difficult to answer. One of them is what will happen to classic cars, those timeless jewels made in a different world in which the grams of CO2 emitted by a mechanic did not matter. A possible solution to give them a second life would be to transform them into “zero emission” cars. Like the company we are talking about today, which turns MINI classics into electric.

London electric cars (LEC) is the British company that does not want the older Oxford brand models to be left in the garage in the future. That is why they have been working on a transformation that is moderately profitable and that highly sustainable throughout its life cycle. Initially it was made for the low emission zone of central London, but it could serve for what we will see in many other cities around the world in the coming years.

Converting the classic MINI with London Electric Cars part of 25,000 pounds, about 29,192 euros, and does not include taxes or the donor vehicle. A 20 kWh battery is installed from the Nissan Leaf to offer a autonomy between 97 and 113 kilometers. Although customers can request a larger capacity depending on their needs. What they do is recycle the Leaf’s battery cells to offer a sustainable solution. Type 1 and Type 2 chargers can be used, while it can accept fast charging optionally.

In this case, the conversion of a 1993 Rover MINIBut London Electric Cars is open to doing jobs of all kinds. It is clear that it is a very interesting exit to keep the classics on the road, at least for those users who live in areas with restrictions. The British company has been working on it since 2017 and to get to offer this conversion of the MINI they have been testing its propulsion system for more than 3,200 kilometers. Also, whoever does not have a donor vehicle for transformationThey also offer the service of getting it for you at an additional cost.

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