Mazda advances the MOVES if you buy an MX-30

The only Mazda electric car currently for sale is the Mazda MX-30, a curious mix of crossover, compact and SUV, with a design you either hate or love. As its price is below the limit set in the conditions of the MOVES III Plan, is eligible as a vehicle with which to receive aid, aids that Mazda will advance its buyers without commission or conditions in order to give them that final push in their decision. What does this new promotion of the Japanese firm consist of?

Released in early 2020, The Mazda MX-30 is the first interpretation of what Mazda understands as an electric car. This first approach has a very peculiar design -which I personally love- and a very pleasant interior to the eye, although it is true that its battery is not the most capable, hence its homologated autonomy is somewhat short (200 km in WLTP cycle) especially compared to some of its rivals.

It is, either way, a very pleasant car to drive and that can meet the mobility needs of many drivers, especially if they use the car mainly in urban and interurban terrain. Now, with the promotion that the Japanese manufacturer has just launched in our country, it makes the purchase decision even easier for all those undecided who are evaluating the purchase of the Mazda MX-30.

Mazda advances the MOVES if you buy an MX-30

If you have decided to buy a Mazda MX-30, we have good news: Mazda has launched a promotion called “Mazda advances the MOVES Plan”. With this promotion, conditional on the activation of the MOVES III Plan in each Autonomous Community, the customer will be able to benefit from MOVES financial aid at the same time as the purchase of the car.

With this measure, buyers will not have to wait to receive the subsidy from the administration, something that happens later, after the purchase of the car and after a few months. This gesture, in addition, does not imply any type of commission or additional expense for the buyer. Thus, in this way, if we scrap a vehicle, we can access a discount of up to € 7,000 on the purchase of a Mazda MX-30.

With all the discounts, Mazda offers us a Mazda MX-30 with a starting price of € 25,655, corresponding to a Mazda MX-30 Origin whose standard equipment already includes, among others, LED headlights, digital instrumentation, automatic climate control, surfaces covered with cork, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto or keyless start system.

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