the future all-purpose platform of the Volkswagen group

Volkswagen was a pioneer in the modular platform. In 2012, he introduced the MQB, a base capable of adapting to a large number of thermal vehicles, from city cars to large SUVs. Enough to clean up the platforms within the group.

In terms of thermal, the MQB coexists with two bases designed for engines installed longitudinally, the MLB (traction) and the MSB (propulsion). The latter served as the basis for the J1 platform, for the electric Porsche Taycan and Audi e-tron GT.

But in terms of electricity, the logic is of course modularity, with again the desire to use the same base for as many vehicles as possible in order to lower costs. The group thus gave birth to the MEB, the electrical equivalent of the MQB, inaugurated in 2019 by the ID.3. On the high-end side, the electric sequel to the MLB and MSB will be the PPE, designed by Audi and Porsche. It will be inaugurated in 2022 by the Q6 e-tron and e-Macan.

But the group wants to go much further in simplification. All these databases will be replaced in a few years by a single one, the SSP (for Scalable Systems Platform). It is therefore designed for electric motorization, but also to be fully adapted to autonomous driving. Thanks to a high level of modularity, the SSP will be able to serve as a common basis for all brands and all segments. This represents a potential volume of 40 million vehicles over the life of the SSP!

The first modules of the SSP will be inaugurated by Audi in 2025, with the first Artemis project. Then Volkswagen will use it in 2026 with its vehicle known for the moment under the code name Trinity.

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