Two classic Rolls-Royce models, converted into electric cars | Electrical

A Rolls-Royce can also be electric. He thinks so Lunaz, a company specialized in transform classic vehicles into battery-powered models. It does this by keeping its image intact, but adding modern technology to its interior and giving it an emission-free mechanics that allows it to be relevant in this new era.

The company had already converted models of Jaguar Y Bentley and has now expanded its range with two models of Rolls-Royce, the Phantom V and Silver Cloud.

The process is long and complex. Lunaz returns each specimen to its bare metal state, 3D scans it, weighs it, and then begins a full restoration which is accompanied by a engineering process to engage the electric powertrain.

In this way, the exterior of the Phantom V –The first converted Rolls model– is identical to the one it wore when it left the factory in 1961, but inside, which has first-rate materials, presents new features: it has a infotainment system with navigator, audio can be split between front and rear, the air conditioning system is modern, and rear seat occupants have two playback screens. The cabin has been redesigned to offer eight seats, showing the customization options that Lunaz puts on the table.

From the mechanical section, the firm points out that it uses a propulsion system developed by it, but does not provide data on power or performance. Just confirm that thanks to a 120 kWh battery he is able to travel 483 kilometers no need to recharge. This Rolls-Royce Phantom V is compatible with a domestic socket, but also with fast charging stations. What Lunaz has not revealed is the time it takes to fill the battery completely.

The Silver Cloud work will be available for models I, II and III, but no specimen has yet been completed, so the details are scarcer and the images shown correspond only to the Phantom V. For the Cloud, due to its part, the selected battery is of lower capacity, 80 kWh, but it is enough to give them the same autonomy that the Phantoms advertise.

It is expected that only 30 units of each model. The electric Silver Cloud will be on the market from 350,000 pounds (about 390,000 euros, at the current rate), while the Phantom V goes up to 500,000 (around 556,000 euros).

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